Hi, I'm Colette
and I don't give a heck.



Things I want:
1. Sex
2. A taco
3. Sleep

Things I want:

  1. A Little bit of monica in my life
  2. a little bit of erica by my side
  3. a little bit of rita is all i need
  4. a little bit of tina is what i see
  5. a little bit of sandra in the sun
  6. a little bit of mary all night long
  7. a little bit of jessica here i am

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Addams Family Values (1993)

Gomez knows how its fucking done.

Gomez gives out better relationship advice than like 90% of dudes.

Gomez Addams is a suave motherfucker who loves his wife more than his own life.

Everyone should want a Gomez. He’s p cool.

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Reverse racism →






Racism against whites is real, I hate when people try to tell me it’s not. How long ago were your African American ancestors enslaved ? Let. It. The. Fuck. Go. You’ve been apologized to and received restitution a million times over by now. Stop harping on…

White people are fucking gross.

How long ago did YOUR disgusting ancestors murder, humiliate, and marginalize our ancestors, “apologize,” and yet, your people continue murdering, humiliating, and marginalizing us today?

Apologies mean absolutely nothing if history keeps repeating itself.

The day POC “let go” and “stop harping on” is the day our people can live peacefully in this world without the fear of your people murdering us for just being a POC.

Until then, shut the fuck up about “racism against white people.” Race is quite literally an issue you lot made up to hate us. It’s in your favour and cannot be used against you.

*sips hot chocolate*

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Loving this concept

Am I the only one questioning why this is being praised? This is not okay. This is wrong. 

You don’t gain self worth by dehumanizing others. 

Stop it. 

Go tell someone who cares!!!!

this….. isnt actual feminism tho
then we wonder why feminists get a bad rap.. its because we get ppl who think that feminism is women being superior like……………….. no thats not how it works

Wow I’ve been owned by a fourteen year old on what is and isn’t feminism….pwned!!!! Ps where did I ever say this post was about the feminist movement or feminism in general???? I think it’s actually great that the genders are being portrayed as they truly are for once!!!

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